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Getting Support

Getting Support

If you think your family would benefit from some support from the Growing Well Growing Healthy team, there are several ways you can get in touch. Your request will be picked up by our friendly administration team and triaged to the appropriate person who can help you with your request. Whether it be for breastfeeding advice, getting your children healthier and more active, or to discuss with the team about your NCMP letter, we can help.

No. Our friendly Lifestyle Practitioners and Nurses attached to the Growing Well Growing Healthy service have an in depth knowledge of dealing with overweight children and the causes and consequences it causes. The team bring an empathetic approach to working with you and will work to full understand you and your family needs in order to help you to make change.

You can contact our Administration team on 0333 320 2302. Your request will be directed to the appropriate section of the team who will make arrangements to offer you the support you need. Alternatively you can complete the referral form on the website and we’ll be back in touch to discuss your support options.

Nothing. The Growing Well Growing Healthy service is part of the 0-19 Growing Healthy Service. This is commissioned by Stockton Borough Council and is therefore free to access. We have a menu of options on how you interact with the service, from drop ins into our centres, home visits and community programmes.

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