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Getting Active!

Exercise for children is very important for their natural development. Being involved in exercise can help develop their general fitness and help build their muscles and bones; not to mention help fight off any negative mental health problems.

For children aged 18 and under it is advised that they should engage in at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. It is also advised that children take part in vigorous activity 3 times a week to help develop muscle and bone.

However, if you or your child is looking to lose weight, exercise alone is not advised. Although exercise and activity plays a strong part in a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t play an effective role in weight loss alone. A balanced diet along with an active lifestyle is the ideal combination to manage weight and overall health.

The Growing Well Growing Healthy team have a strong depth of knowledge on how to become more active. The fabulous thing about exercise is that you can pick and choose what you enjoy doing to help with a healthy lifestyle.

Check out our recommendations below for a more active lifestyle:


It’s as simple as it sounds. Walking can have a huge benefit on your health. By tracking your steps you’d be amazed at how far you walk. Walking with friends can also increase social engagement. Walking to school can help wake you up and can kick start your day! If you live too far and travel by car you may even get dropped off a little further from the school so you can walk part of the way. By bus you could even consider getting off a stop or two earlier and walk from there.

Top Tip: There are loads of walking apps available on your mobile app store. Some of these apps can set you walking goals and even track your distance over combined walks.

Join A Club

There are hundreds of community clubs which you could join including the Growing Well Growing Healthy Clubs in the Borough of Stockton on Tees. Your local leisure centre will have a schedule of activities online so log on to your browser and have a look! Stockton also has an abundance of sports clubs in the area so if you fancy trying something new or building on your skills simply search for local clubs in your search engine online.

Top Tip: Joining a club is a great way to meet new friends and be active together. Team sports builds confidence and self-esteem in young people. Here’s a list of activities in Stockton which may have a club in your area:


Running is a fantastic way to increase your fitness levels and keep you feeling healthy and happy. It is a versatile activity as it can be done in a wide range of places including parks, your neighbourhood and even in your own garden or outdoor space. Running is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn off some additional energy.

Tip Top: There are lots of apps which can help you to run. Check out your mobile app store for a whole range of running resources!


N.E.A.T stands for None Exercise Activity Time. This is activity which is not structured and can be done at any time. None structured activity means that you can count your exercise from doing day to day chores like tidying your room, helping out in the garden and running a vacuum cleaner through your house. Don’t worry! N.E.A.T exercise isn’t all chores and hard work. N.E.A.T also includes playing out and taking walks. In fact it’s a great way to keep you active and keep you away from too sitting too much and spending too much time in front of a screen.

Top Tip: Make a schedule of things that need doing on a daily and weekly basis. This can help guide you in staying active keeping your life organised and tidy.

Some example activities could include:


Playing out is another fun way to increase our activity! It is also a great way to mix with friends who live nearby. Outdoor games in open spaces are fun and energetic and can allow you to burn excessive calories after school or over the weekend. Playing out also helps to reduce sedentary behaviour. This means you are less likely to develop negative behaviours such as sitting for long periods of time and comfort eating. Time spent play out can also lead to building good friendships, maintaining healthier lifestyles and the further development of strength, aerobic health and basic motor skills!

Government Guidelines suggest that children should be active for at least 60 minutes each day. This should include exercise to help them develop natural muscle and bone growth as well as aerobic and cardiovascular health. The Growing Well Growing Healthy App helps you track your activity as a family and hit your movement goals.

Increasing activity can include:
• Walking part or all the way to and from school.
• Playing out.
• Gardening, tidying or doing other household chores.
• Swimming
• Dancing, football or any other sport.

For young people, being active is key. Ensuring that children engage in physical activity they enjoy is vitally important. Children who enjoy what they take part in are likely to make friends, become socially competent, happier and are much more likely to stick at it or engage in other activities. Playing out in safe areas, joining a club or taking walks will help ensure children are healthier and happier as they grow up.

It’s OK to have rules! To ensure children get sufficient activity, it is OK to make rules which gets them active before they log on to their favourite games. Helping around the house, walking to school and spending time face to face with friends all count towards getting necessary exercise in. Making a plan between you and your children around screen time can give them ownership of the exercises and social times they would like to make.

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